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Perseguida - 絕命目擊

Perseguida - 絕命目擊

2020-01-13 212

【主演】 Roberto Escobar / María Gaviria / Kristina Lilley 【簡介】 瑪麗安娜的生活平凡而規律,對周遭一切漠不關心。在父母慘遭殺害之後,安妮的世界崩解,而瑪麗安娜是這樁命案的唯一目擊者,這個交會,讓她們一起成為追殺目標,活下來唯一的方法就是比兇手更早挖出真相! Mariana Duran its a middle-aged woman who witnesses the murder of the parents of a girl named Annie. Mariana ends up talking care of Annie, but the hell does not end there, because now the same murderers will look for them so that there is not witness left alive of the cruel murder.