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初戀 - First Love

初戀 - First Love

2019-11-28 192

【主演】 清美 / JSol / 梅琪欣 / 黃建安 【簡介】 15 歲的安就像所有的高中女生一樣,暗戀上了高富帥的校園白馬王子-田。田是一個酷酷古怪的男生,他很少與同齡人有交流或互動,然而他在心中藏了一個成為歌手的夢想。某日,安的父親因為要出差而將她託付暫住好友家中,安卻萬萬沒想到幸福來的那麼快,竟然要與田開始共同生活。 My An has a crush on the good-looking and rich Thien. He is labeled "The Prince of the Dreams" in the school, but in the same time he is cold, eccentric and not interested in his peers. His biggest dream is to become a superstar musician. Due to the circumstances and their fathers friendship they would became housemates.