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少年的你 - Better Days【TS 中字】

少年的你 - Better Days【TS 中字】

2019-11-05 249

【主演】 周冬雨 / 易烊千璽 / 尹昉 / 周也 / 吳越 / 黃覺 / 張藝凡 / 張耀 / 張歆怡 / 趙潤南 / 郜玄銘 / 謝欣桐 / 劉然 / 何廖侶勻 / 胖虎 / 羅俊林 【簡介】 陳念(周冬雨 飾)是一名即將參加高考的高三學生,同校女生胡曉蝶(張藝凡 飾)的跳樓自殺讓她的生活陷入了困頓之中。胡曉蝶死後,陳念遭到了以魏萊(周也飾)為首的三人組的霸凌,魏萊雖然表面上看來是乖巧的優等生,實際上卻心思毒辣,胡曉蝶的死和她有著千絲萬縷的聯繫。   一次偶然中,陳念邂逅了名為小北(易烊千璽 飾)的小混混,隨著時間的推移,心心相惜的兩人之間產生了真摯的感情。小北答應陳念在暗中保護她免受魏萊的欺凌,沒想到這一決定引發了一連串的連鎖反應。負責調查胡曉蝶死因的警官鄭易(尹昉 飾)隱隱察覺到校園裡的古怪氣氛,可他的調查卻屢屢遭到校方的阻撓。 When it is time for the Chinese gaokao, the entire country comes to a standstill. For nearly ten million high school students, this two-day national college entrance exam will determine where and if they get to study. It is not uncommon for the fates of entire families to hinge on the results. Like so many others, Nian has been focused on preparing for the exam, at the exclusion of everything else and is all alone. A classmate has committed suicide and she has become the target of relentless bullying. Meanwhile, fate brings her together with small-time criminal Bei and the two of them seal a pact.