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相合傘 - Under One Umbrella

相合傘 - Under One Umbrella

2019-09-02 573

【主演】 倉科加奈 【類型】 劇情 / 家庭 【簡介】 講訴了被命運捉弄、25年無法見面的父女再次相見的故事。倉科飾演的咲月好不容易找到了父親六郎,但是六郎早已改名換姓組建了新的家庭。但是在知曉六郎這些年來的生活和他真正的想法時,咲月長時間以來忘記的感情重新復甦了…… First it was a theatrical play and now it is a movie directed by its original creator. Satsuki Takashima's father Rokuro Shinonome has been missing for twenty five years. She obtains information and a lead and travels to a village to find the missing man. She finds her father and finds out he has a new family now.