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某日某月 - When Sun Meets Moon

某日某月 - When Sun Meets Moon

2019-04-04 1084

【資源1】 【資源3】 粵語 國語 【主演】 原島大地 / 湯怡 / 談善言 / 陳茵媺 / 鄭丹瑞 / 邵美琪 / 夏韶聲 / 吳良榮 / 吳千語 / 呂頌賢 / 馬溱禧 / 岑珈其 / 雷頌德 【簡介】 1992年,一場大雨令香港停電,熱愛觀星的子月與反叛的旭日在海邊相遇,暗生情愫。未幾,旭日卻被父親送到寄宿學校,數月後更要移民外國。二人像日與月一樣難以相見,加上子月的母親不斷阻攔,但他們最終排除萬難,展開了一段彷彿分隔兩地的遙距戀愛,同時還要面對親人、老師和同學等等各方面的挑戰衝擊⋯⋯ In 1992, a heavy rainstorm caused massive power outage in Hong Kong. At that night, two young astrology enthusiasts, Moon and Sun, met under the starry night by the seaside. When their affection to each other grew, Sun was admitted into a boarding school and would move to another country in a few months under his father's plan. Like the sun and moon, the couple could hardly see each other despite that they were living in the same city, but their love endured amidst the separation and opposition from Moon's mother. Overcoming the challenges from teachers, friends and family, time has come for Sun to depart.