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幸福路上  - On Happiness Road

幸福路上 - On Happiness Road

2018-08-25 4374

【主演】 桂綸鎂 / 魏德聖 / 陳博正 / 廖慧珍 【簡介】 小琪 (桂綸鎂 聲演) 生於蔣介石逝世當天,成長過程正是台灣社會經歷最劇烈轉變的時期。小琪六歲那年舉家搬到新北市幸福路,為了滿足父母期望,她力爭上游,但也許幸福本來就沒有捷徑。她一步步走上當初沒預期的路,到美國工作、結婚,走到人生的瓶頸,因外婆去世,重返老家,回首童年過程中,慢慢思索自己走過的路:「長大了,我有成為理想中的大人嗎?」 Forty years of Taiwanese history comes under review in this tender and the powerfully nostalgic tale of the search for happiness. After the death of her grandma, a New York-based woman returns to her homeland in Taiwan. Her reunion with family, classmates and forgotten memories trigger a self-introspection about what she left behind. It covers her upbringing during Taiwan's period of instability under martial law to present-day political realities. With a voiceover by actress Gwei Lun-Mei and imaginative animation sequences, this charming autobiographic animation by the first-time director Sung Hsin-yin is a breath of fresh air.