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樹大招風 - Trivisa

樹大招風 - Trivisa

2018-06-29 1408

【主演】 林家棟 / 任賢齊 / 陳小春 【簡介】 故事背景是1997年主權移交在即的香港,講述當時三大賊王的犯罪經歷,反映在轉變之中,三人心緒如何遭受衝擊。季正雄身懷鎗械,接受盤查時槍殺三名警察逃去,因此放棄了原來姓名,改以多個身份行事。在廣州找來兩名新黨羽,囑他兩到香港會合。回港後,找上從前的手足大輝,見他已娶妻育女,借其家中暫住。原來季正雄正準備打劫大輝居處附近的壹家珠寶行。葉國歡在香港打劫後,逼銷贓佬接下燙手的黃金,雙方從此各走各路。自覺打劫之路難以繼續,遂帶著手下逃往廣州改名換姓,成立壹家公司從事走私家庭電器生意,並通過方老板拉關系,收買當地不同官員,以便走私。卓子強為人膽大囂張,以邦架大富翁來勒索鉅額贖金,身家由此豐厚。此時江湖盛傳季、葉、卓三人合謀要幹壹場大案,此謠言惹得卓子強心癢難搔,不惜設下懸賞和報訊熱線,真的要尋找季正雄和葉國歡,去辦壹場驚天罪案。季正雄已準備好要打劫珠寶行,但眼見馬會博彩之豐,氣餒下行動竟然半途而廢,事後更親手幹掉兩名新同夥;葉國歡的走私生意也毫不順利,受盡中國官員諸般敲詐屈辱。當季、葉兩人打聽到卓子強正在尋找自己的消息後,都抉定冒險與卓聯手在香港大幹壹場。 In early 1997, mobsters Kwai Ching-hung, Yip Kwok-foon and Cheuk Tze-Keung, who have never met one another, are all in Hong Kong. Thereafter, rumor has it that Hong Kong's three most notorious mobsters, known in the underworld as the "Three Kings of Thieves", are plotting together to score a final hit before the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong. However, none are initially aware of the rumor. Yip is living as a fugitive after a gunfight with the Royal Hong Kong Police. He now makes his fortunes by smuggling counterfeit electronics. Powerful and prestigious in the past, Yip must now grovel to high Chinese officials. Although successful in his business, he becomes depressed. When the rumor comes to him, he feels the urge to give up everything and pick up his gun once again to join forces with the others. Kwai is very cautious and uses several pseudonyms to hide his identity. Although the scale of his crimes is nowhere as large as Yip's and Cheuk's, he has managed to commit repeated robberies that are totally unknown to the police. Small-scale robberies, which have become his expertise, have the minimal risk but also little profit. As he hears of the rumor, he realizes that he will make a large fortune by collaborating with Yip and Cheuk. He initially restrains himself and chooses to ignore it. However, Kwai begins to have second thoughts. Cheuk has recently abducted the son of a rich tycoon and successfully extorted a ransom, all while under police surveillance. Wanting to raise the bar for himself, he hears about the rumor and becomes obsessed with the idea, going to extreme lengths to seek out Yip and Kwai.