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The Pyramid - 奪命金字塔

The Pyramid - 奪命金字塔

2018-06-22 1856

【主演】阿什麗·欣肖 / 丹尼斯·歐哈拉 / 詹姆斯·巴克利 / Christa Nicola / Amir K / Faycal Attougui / Philip Shelley 【簡介】 2013年,一支由梅爾·霍爾頓博士及其女兒諾拉率領的美國考古隊在開羅南部發現一座被掩埋在黃沙之下的神秘金字塔。雖然埃及正處於暴動混亂之中,但是蘇妮擔任主持人的紀錄片攝製組仍然冒險來到當地,只為記錄下具有劃時代意義的重要時刻。根據現場的情況,該金字塔甚至比已發現的所有金字塔年代都要久遠。照例圍繞著金字塔,各種恐怖詛咒的陰影盤桓其上,而且開啟金字塔的時候還有當地人因毒氣而受傷。由於所攜帶的設備遭到不明原因損傷,諾拉和相關工作人員決定鋌而走險進入這座未知金字塔。等待他們的將是永生難忘的可怕記憶…… During the 2012–13 uprisings in Egypt, an archaeological team discovers a vast pyramid buried 600 feet (180 m) below the surface. Further examinations of the pyramid's apex reveals that the structure is three-sided, unlike any pyramid previously discovered. They locate a tunnel leading into the apex of the pyramid. While breaking into the opening, a large amount of toxic air is released, poisoning a worker. Soon after, Egyptian authorities order the team to leave the site because of a violent uprising in nearby Cairo. Team leader Dr. Miles Holden (O'Hare) and his daughter Nora argue over whether to obey the order. They eventually agree to send in a NASA-supplied remote-controlled rover vehicle – nicknamed Shorty – to enter the pyramid and document its interior. While examining a small portion of the structure, Shorty is attacked by an unknown creature and goes offline. After a heated argument between Dr. Holden and Zahir, the portion of the team that has remained at the site decide to enter the pyramid to recover Shorty. After finding only a piece of the rover, they discover the wire tracing their way back out was cut. Realizing they may be lost, they enter a room with an unstable floor that collapses beneath them. The team scramble to their feet and look around them. As they begin to become heated with one another, a sudden fall of debris injures team member Zahir, as it crushes his leg beneath a large stone chunk that is unmovable. Sunni (Nicola), another team member reporting on the find, attempts to climb up a long narrow opening but is attacked by a terrifying creature hidden at the top and falls back down. Nora notices scratches as if from claws across Sunni's cheek. Forced to leave Zahir behind, they look for another way out. Within moments, they hear Zahir's screams and return to find only a bloody trail leading up the wall, where he'd apparently been dragged off; his severed leg left pinned under the rock. His girlfriend Nora is left bewildered and distraught, and the team begins to lose hope of escape.