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你在哪 - Breathing

你在哪 - Breathing

2018-01-15 1046

【主演】 景珂 / 樊昊仑 / 上白 / 杨晋 / 周韵茹 / 高爽 / 焦恩熙 【簡介】 一個普通小城發生多起拐賣兒童重案,危機四伏,丟失孩子的年輕媽媽王楠獨自深入人販子組織尋找女兒小魚,與此同時當地警察霍岩也獲得多起拐賣案件的犯罪線索,千里尋子追兇的故事就此展開。 A rivalry between two brothers causes chaos through out the business world. Can the good brother defeat his greedy elder brother at his own game? Only Wong Jing and his usual cronies can sort out this mess with hysterical results and oddball humor.