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大顯神威 - The Big Power

大顯神威 - The Big Power

2017-12-15 12030

【主演】 豬哥亮/ 林美秀/ 安心亞/ 李李仁/ 顏正國/ 蔡昌憲/ 黃鴻昇/ 莫允雯/ 林暐恆/ 莫莉/ 王宣/ 曾莞婷/ 黃明志/ 吳仲強/ 謝佐妮/ 謝佑妮/ 梁修身/ 梁正群/ 周丹薇/ 林利霏/ 素珠/ 詹子晴/ 李國弘/ 王燦 【簡介】 台灣喜劇泰斗國寶“豬哥亮”   第一部暑假強檔奇幻喜劇!   顛覆以往台灣喜劇片的故事走向   豬式風格混搭全新陣容   2016年暑假新滋味“大顯神威” Ko-Liang Chu stars as Wang Fu Gui, the 18th generation master of Baoping Temple. Despite his auspicious name, Wang is in reality a hopeless gambler who never wins. After going broke, he moves south in hopes of mooching off his wealthy brother-in-law (Namewee), but as life would have it, his brother-in-law suffers a stroke. Wang's luck takes another turn, however, when he meets female ghost Lin Qing Xia (Amber An), a famous singer who died 30 years ago. Wang utilizes Qing Xia's powers to help others, earning him the reputation of being a living deity. Meanwhile, Qing Xia wants Wang to help resolve her grudge.