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獅神決戰 - The Lion Man

獅神決戰 - The Lion Man

2017-12-06 13794

【主演】 Wang Wei Liang / Tosh Zhang / Noah Yap 【簡介】 這部電影的劇情集中在新加坡的競爭對手獅子舞團 - 一個傳統劇團的自由派派系虎克蘭(由王偉亮率領)離開後形成一個名為風雲騎士的新組合(由Tosh Zhang ),它倡導一種新型的舞獅舞,具有更現代的嘻哈舞蹈和更華麗的雜技。 與此同時,演出的男明星與第三個競爭對手黑鷹隊發生衝突,他們參加了武術比賽,愛三角形比賽,當然還有舞獅比賽。 其中五位深受喜愛的“阿男到男人”為這部電影添上了頭條新聞,並加入了23個“未知數”。 The film's plot centers on rival lion dance troupes in Singapore -- a liberal-looking faction of a traditional troupe, Tiger Crane (led by Wang Wei Liang), breaks away from it to form a new one called Storm Riders (led by Tosh Zhang), which advocates a new style of lion dance with more modern influences of hip hop dance and more flashy acrobatics. Meanwhile, the male stars of the show clash with a third rival troupe called Black Hawk, competing in wushu, love triangles and of course, lion dance. Five of the well-loved "Ah Boys To Men" cast headline the film, joined by 23 "unknowns".