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喵星人 - Meow

喵星人 - Meow

2017-08-22 11559

【主演】 古天樂 / 馬麗 / 劉楚恬 / 黃星羱 / 阮兆祥 / 詩雅 / 蔡一智 / 蔡一傑 【簡介】 千百年來,地球上一直住著一種外星生物,名叫喵星人。它們從遙遠的喵星來到地球,化身為貓科動物,分散在世界每個角落。萌萌的外表,加上機智聰明的頭腦,輕易就得到人類的寵愛。不愁吃喝的它們桀驁不馴,活像飽經滄桑的江湖大佬。犀犀利就是他們中的一員,作為一名正牌的喵星來客,它肩負使命長途跋涉來到地球,卻意外遇到了吳守龍(古天樂飾演)一家,上演了一幕相運相生,喵趣橫生的人貓奇遇記。 An alien lifeform from a faraway planet has been residing on Earth for thousands of years. They transform themselves into cats and populate every area of the globe. Their intelligence and adorability have led to them being treated as kings and queens by their human minions. Xi Xili is the latest visitor from their home planet, Planet Meow. He is an adorable oversized-cat-like being that has come to invade Earth and ensure his planet`s survival. His plans get derailed upon his arrival on Earth when a family in Hong Kong takes him in as their pet.