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斗牌传说2-Akagi Yami Ni Oritatta Tensai EP01

斗牌传说2-Akagi Yami Ni Oritatta Tensai EP01

2018-01-04 834

【主演】 本乡奏多 / 津川雅彦 / 田中要次 / 神保悟志 【简介】 在藏龙卧虎的麻将世界,江山代有英豪出,今日是只手遮天的帝王,明天就可能败在麻坛新秀的手下,纳忠臣服。而在波涛汹涌的麻将历史长河中,拥有银色头发的赤木茂(本乡奏多 饰)注定是一个不可被忽视的重要人物。他虽然年纪轻轻,却拥有缜密冷静的头脑和胆识,甫一出场便挑败麻坛重量级人物,由此震惊黑道,并被冠名为“传说的麻将士”。与之相对,拥有黑白两道背景的鹫巢岩(津川雅彦饰)正是傲立在麻坛顶点的“黑暗之王”,他创立“鹫巢麻将”不仅敛财无数,更借机除掉无数天资聪颖的麻坛新秀。为了攻破这个狡猾男人的防线,昭和40年的某个夏日,不良刑警安冈(神保悟志 饰)拜托赤木杀入鹫巢的巢穴。两代麻坛巨子注定要展开一场激烈的搏杀……   本片根据福本伸行的漫画原作改编。 In the mahjong world where the tigers slept in the dragons, Jiangshan had heroes on behalf of the heroes. Today, it is an emperor who only covers the sky. He may be defeated tomorrow by the men of mahjong rookies, and Nachen will submit to them. In the long history of majestic mahjong, Akihiro Megumi (Hongo Todo) with silver hair is destined to be an important person that cannot be ignored. Although he was young, he had a meticulous and calm mind and courage. When he first appeared, he defeated the heavyweights of the martial arts. He shocked the underworld and was dubbed the "legendary mahjong." On the other hand, 鹫 岩 岩 岩 ( ((川 雅彦), which has a black and white background, is the “king of darkness” proudly standing at the top of the martial arts. His founding of “鹫 麻 mahjong” is not only a huge sum of money but also an opportunity to remove numerous Talented and talented mahjong rookie. In order to break the line of defense of this man, in the summer of the Showa era in the 40th year, the bad criminal policeman Anoka (God Shinzo Suzuki) asked Akagi to break into the den of the nest. The two generations of mahjong giants are destined to launch a fierce fight... The film is adapted from the original manuscript of Fukumoto's extension. 【FOLLOW ME ON】 ?FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/movieking.video/